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MBTI and Tumblr (

Journal Entry: Sun May 3, 2015, 3:31 AM
  • Mood: Distracted
  • Listening to: Postmodern Jukebox
  • Reading: Saint Odd by Dean Koontz
  • Watching: Interstellar
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Rice and gravy; beef roast
  • Drinking: Coca-cola (SHAME ON ME)

You know why I like dA journal entries? Because they allow us to use those "What I'm currently" information. What's my current mood? What am I listening to? Reading? Watching? Playing? Eating? Drinking?
These are things I like to know about other people as I am reading their journal entries, and I hope someone out there appreciates them too.

Unfortunately, I don't write many journals here on dA anymore. I do visit my dA every single day for those of you who write me notes and to look at the art of those who I watch, but most of my would-be journal posts are going through Tumblr now. They're more accessible there, but I value you guys, those who watch my dA page and read my journals, so I want to give you the chance to read my Tumblr entries when they're long and thorough for those of you who enjoy reading them. I put the link to my Tumblr at the top of my dA as a "status" message and also  as the title to this journal, but anytime I write something worth mentioning on there, I'll post it here as a link at the bottom of the entry. The next blocks of text are going to give you some preface about what my Tumblr page (and majorly what the entry in the link at the bottom) is about. If you're interested in reading the journal entry, but not about learning the concept that surrounds it, that's fine. It might not be necessary to know about it, but I want it available for those who are interested. Just scroll to the bottom after the second divider.


I have been intensely into this hobby called MBTI, it stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

A few decades ago, some important psychologists (Carl Jung) came up with a skeleton of general personality types intended to encompass the whole population of the world, and then two lesser known "psychological theorists" took that skeleton and built a wealth of knowledge and insights into the world of people's personalities. Since there are only a total of sixteen types in MBTI, and over seven billion people in the world, it wasn't too long before the theory and information was de-standardized, because it is well-accepted that there are not only sixteen different types of people. However, the theory has a cult following, and the insights gained from it are astounding into knowing about yourself and the people around you. MBTI is still alive today, and it is a really fun hobby to get into.
(End TL;DR)

Long version:
Read all of this:…
(End long version)

I agree with the notion that all seven billion people in the world can't logically fall into only sixteen different types. Possible? Sure. Nothing is impossible. But statistically? No. It's numbers, it's not reasonable to believe so. However, if you look at each type as a wildly curving spectrum between each other type.. Where someone can be 100% one type, someone else can be 50% one type and 50% the next closest type, and so on.. You have an infinite amount of variability. I do not know if there is some branch of MBTI where they are mixing and matching types, nor am I interested in such a convoluted branch. But, I do believe that is what is going on, and studying the sixteen different types can give you insights into other people's perspectives, as well as being able to understand yourself.

If you are actually going to read about and get into MBTI and become interested in figuring out your type, realize that it is not at all difficult to find brothers and sisters in this community. It is a huge one. However, my biggest advice is to not pay attention to online tests that claim to help you determine your type. They are 99% ineffective.
Either A. There is a vault of information for beginners and Google is your friend. Study how it works, read and learn about each individual part, what they mean, and how to determine for yourself what behaviors fall under which parts. Consider the information and then determine for yourself which parts you are, and then you'll be able to to come up with your type with little room for mistake.
Or B. I study this stuff so much that I can usually type most people just by hanging out with them for a few minutes. Because of that, I can explain to you how the system works, and how each individual part works in the way that I understand it. Send me a note, we'll open a chatroom when we both have time, and I'll go through it all with you.
It is still possible, whether you do the work yourself or go through me, that mistakes will be made, but that's okay. Part of MBTI is learning about yourself, and you can't learn if you don't make mistakes.

My type is INTP, and I am a strong INTP. I do not deviate from that type at all. It's also one of the rare types. Now, rare types aren't necessarily "good," nor should they be more desired. Some people want a rare type because they want to feel special, but the rareness of your type literally means nothing. Who you are is actually special, and finding out your true type so that you can meet people like you or understand yourself better is the real goal. The "rare" types aren't "good" because it's difficult to find similar types, which is my case. I am a normal, average person, I believe I have felt just as lonely and misunderstood as any other angsty teenager (when I was a teenager, I mean). It doesn't help that I live in a small-ish town.. There are definitely smaller towns, but it isn't a hard feat to meet everyone of your age in this area (not saying it's super easy, but through grammar, middle, and high schools, it wasn't a hard challenge either). But I didn't realize just how much I felt misunderstood until I started looking for other INTPs online. Reading their thoughts and the ways that they felt, I felt so connected and understood. It was an overwhelming joy that I didn't realize I had been missing. Because of that sensation, I studied MBTI much more intensely. Not only was I interested in learning about myself and other INTPs, I wanted to know about other types. I wanted to be knowledgeable so that I could potentially share the information without someone else who didn't realize they were misunderstood and show someone else the intense joy I initially felt (and continue to feel).

So the Tumblr entry I'll link to is an aspect of INTPs.


As an INTP, why do you guys drift off so much?

If any of you who generally find my journals interesting find this or a future link not working, or just that you're not interested in content beyond dA, please let me know. That feedback is invaluable to me. I'll come up with an alternative.


This is a list of books I've read. If I've read a series, I'll group the books up by that series.


Jim Butcher:

[[[Dresden Files series:
-----Storm Front
-----Fool Moon
-----Grave Peril
-----Summer Knight
-----Death Masks
-----Blood Rites
-----Dead Beat
-----Proven Guilty
-----White Night
-----Small Favor
-----Turn Coat]]]


Dean Koontz:

.: By the Light of the Moon
.: Dragon Tears
.: The Face
.: The Face of Fear
.: From the Corner of His Eye
.: The Good Guy
.: Hideaway
.: The Husband
.: Life Expectancy
[[[Odd Thomas series:
----------Odd Thomas
----------Forever Odd
----------Brother Odd
----------Odd Hours
----------In Odd We Trust]]]
.: Relentless
.: Strangers
.: Twilight Eyes
.: Velocity


Michael Scott:

[[[The Alchemyst series:
-----The Alchemyst
-----The Magician
-----The Sorceress
-----The Necromancer]]]


Other Authors:

.: House and Philosophy (by William Irwin and Henry Jacoby)
.: Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar (by Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein)

Premium Membership Donations

These are the users I've donated Premium Memberships to (or that I donated the value of a subscription in points, even if that's not what the points were ultimately used for). Some because their art was so great I felt the need to promote their site, some because they won a contest or kiriban, and others because of a commission. Either way, here's my fantastically organized list. I actively go ahead and remove any account that has been deactivated or banned, which does detract from the quantity of subscriptions I've actually given, but I feel the list is more appreciated when current users are displayed exclusively. Check them out!


:iconmirkand89: :iconsans-sommeil: :iconphilosophersbane:

{:iconthekawaiiseeall:} ~Merry Christmas

{:iconauramagnet:} ~Happy Thanksgiving

:iconbroskiiiadactyl: :iconforever-fantasy: :iconkrastix94: :iconazymmuth: :iconsylkrode: :iconsnowydrifter: :iconbilliejean485: :iconovershadowedinc: :iconloner13: :iconmyvampirelullaby: :iconfire-spirited:

{:iconthe-cowboy-smuggler:} ~Merry Christmas

:iconspazzypineapple101: :iconsnowydrifter: :iconkaryn531:

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:iconaaronjjenkins: :iconinfernalservant: :iconwhackojako: :iconteardownthefence: :iconmr-wat: :iconbreisanerd: :iconcity-lights-sparkle: :iconlurkingspork: :iconinternalcure: :iconlizzieunjustified: :iconkatrinakuchiki::iconkronnoss: :iconreeno-alchemist: :iconkisskiss64: :iconfire-spirited: :icondreamfox:

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